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Car Free Day day in North District

On Sunday March 26 celebrates #DíaSinCoche in Julio Moreno Dávila Street

Continuing with Car Free Day Plan, a project which keeps traffic cuts in time, on weekends, rotating these traffic cuts among most relevant streets in the center of Granada and main street more relevant, with recreational-sport activities.

In this plan it is expected to make a car free day in Julio Moreno Dávila Street on Sunday morning 26 March.

car free day in julio moreno davila

Traffic cuts

Closure to traffic from 9:30h to 15:00h starting activities from 10:30 to 14:30h occupying public street Julio Moreno Dávila (section from Bulería St. to Camino de Alfacar, leaving free access in Henríquez de Jorquera St) for educative, civic, sport and cultural activities.

Roads closed will be vehicle free on parking areas.

car free day in julio moreno davila

Public Transport

As a result of this traffic cut, bus lines 5 and 8 will change their itinerary:

Alternative diversions expected for this traffic cut in Julio Moreno Dávila are: Modification on line 8 return journey will have head stop in Plaza Agustín Laborde, and follows through carretera de Alfacar, and after that gets to its regular itinerary.

Modification on line 5 outbound sense will be diverted through Fray Juan Sánchez Cotán, Periodista Luis de Vicente and back to its regular itinerary in carretera de Alfacar. In return journey will be diverted through carretera de Alfacar, Periodista Luis de Vicente, turns to Fray Juan Sánchez Cotán, and back to original itinerary

In all bus stops supressed due to traffic cut, will be placed a "supressed bus stop" signboard and where to find nex stop with standarized service.


This Sunday March 26, from 10:30h to 14:30h can be enjoyed the following activities:

- Sport Activities:

  • Bicycle and skate circuits (Balakook and Patinamos). Skate lessons for kids, they can bring their own skates or start to practice in the circuit.
  • Exhibitionn/American Football workshop for kids (Granada Lions from Maracena)
  • Skill games and bicyle games (Granada al Pedal).
  • Bádminton and chess (Sport schools North District).
  • Gymkana multisports (Socio educational center Lestonnac).
  • Mixed football tournament and cossack fencing (Dialog and action)

- Musical activities:

  • Body percussion workshop (I.E.S. Cartuja).
  • Girl Choir.
  • Tango exhibition (Asociación Milonga de la Glorieta)
  • Urban dance Proyecto Despertarte (CSE Lestonnac)
  • Capoeira (Anaquerando)

- Games and activities:

  • Playbus with sheets workshop and jugglery.
  • Recycle workshops (Inagra)
  • Balloon twisting, face painting and traditional games (Eysa)
  • Child drawing workshop (Telpark)
  • Street animation/jugglery Proyecto Volarte (CSE Lestonnac)
  • Collective piece of plastic art and traditional games (Scholas Occurrentes)

- Social activities:

  • Stand sensibilization and oral workshop (AA.VV. Nueva Cartuja)
  • Stand Granabip
  • Stand information for the consumer.
  • Stand "Anaquerando: dialogando" (Anaquerando)

- Participation of Fire fighters.

- Arab pastries free delivery (Diálogo y acción)

- Double decker bus, mini bus to visit and photocall (Alsa).

- Civil Protection.

dia sin coche en julio moreno davila actividades 26 de marzo


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