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Caring toys

Raquel Ruz Caring Bus Granada 2018

The City Council of Granada and Transportes Rober boost a caring campaign to fill a bus of toys that will be delivered to more vulnerable children.


Vehicle Magic bus, where children articles can be deposited , will be located next to the Municipal Library at Paseo del Salón until 4 January continously from 11:00 to 21:00 hours.

A bus will bring magic and illusion of Christmas to those more vulnerable boys and girls of the city thanks to a caring initiative of toys gathering run by the City Council of Granada and the concessionary company of public transport Rober.

Magic bus granadaMagic bus granada

The campaign Magic bus, has been presented on 22 December by the councellor of Mobility and Citizen´s Protection, Tourism and Trade in the City Council of Granada, Raquel Ruz, has explained that from 22 December and until 4 January this bus will stay continously from 11:00 to 21:00 hours at Paseo del Salón, next to Municipal Library, for every person could give a new toy, that will be delivered to those more disadvantaged boys and girls of the citysada deposite un juguete nuevo, que se destinará a los niños y niñas más desfavorecidos de la ciudad.

Accompanied by the director of the company Rober, Francisco Gámez, Ruz Peis has explained that the initiative, in which collaborate volunteers, as helpers of Three Wise Men, predicts that to give different humanitarian associations that work in cooperation with the City Council many toys to be delivered between more disadvantages families in the city. As she has explained, people who donate a toy will participate in a draw, whose prize has not been revealed and will celebrate on 4 January.

Councellor is convinced that Granada will answer en masse to this caring call made by municipal institution, answer, that as she said, we have already experienced since the campaign begun a few days ago.

It is a bus of solidarity. Christmas is a celebration for the children, so from the City Council we call for solidarity of the city of Granada so in the Wise Men Day every grenadine child have a present, the grenadine councellor remarked.

Also, Francisco Gámez has explained that, among this bus in Paseo del Salón, another Rober vehicle circulate around the city announcing this initiative, because our objective is to fill this bus of toys, objective that, as he said, is going to be able to achieve, because in just three days we have collected almost 200 child articles.



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