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Three urban bus lines extend their itineraries to reduce transfers

Raquel Ruz, extension of itineraries N5, 11 and 21

From Monday 11 extends its itinerary bus line N5, that will go through San Juan de Dios; bus line 11, that will get to Avenida de Cervantes, and bus line 21 will merge with bus line N4.


The City Council of Granada, in its bid to reduce transfers on urban bus network, has announced that will extend the itinerary of three bus lines -21 and N4, that will merge togheter, 11 and N5- in response to the petitions of the neighbourhood after the rearrangement made by the government team on July so we keep working to achieve a more accessible and easy transport.

As the council of Mobility and Citizen´s Protection, Tourism ad Trade of the City Counil of Granada said, Raquel Ruz, has pointed out that quien ha indicado que, tras las reuniones after continued meetings with neighbours, from March 11 will be the fusion of bus line N4, that at present goes from Federico García Lorca Avenue and Triunfo through Villarejo, with bus line 21 , so this will get closer Cruz and Albayda districts with Paseo del Violón with no transfer to be made.

Also, it is due that bus line N5, with head stop at Modesto Cendoya St. and arriving to Triunfo, through San Juan de Dios St. easing North and Beiro districts the access to Health Center located in this street. This line will now get through Constitución Avenue, Severo Ochoa, Festival Internacional de Música y Danza de Granada Roundabout, Rector López Argüeta, San Juan De Dios to Triunfo.

Ruz Peis has also announced the extension of round line 11 to Genil district and has added to its itinerary Cervantes Avenue. This measure allows, as she said, communicate with no transfers needded Beiro, Ronda and Genil districts.

Bus line 11 will start from Camino de Ronda, to América Avenue, going through Andrés Segovia, Fontiveros and Bruselas, Primavera, Sancho Panza Streets and following through Camino Bajo de Huétor, Pepita Bustamente, Hoya de la Mora, José Tamayo, Cervantes Avenue, Profesor Albareda, Pablo Picasso, Manuel de Góngora and ending at Acera del Darro.

The council in convinced that new rearrangements will impact on an improvement of urban bus network, whose model has become a life document, open to the necessities of users and its results, as she remembered, mean a significant reduction of transfers and an improvement in the collection of contributions.

Check new itineraries of bus lines N5, 11 and 21.

Itinerary bus line N5 Itinerary bus line 11 Itinerary bus line 21

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