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Safe school areas

Cesar Díaz Safe school areas Granada

The City Council creates Safe school areas in almost a hundred schools in the capital.


The Mobility Area of the City Council of Granada has created safe school ares in almost a hundred of Nursery and Primary school centers in the capital. As asserted on the morning of 11 January 2021 by the councellor of Mobility and Citizen´s Protection, César Díaz, on his visit to school Parque Nueva Granada, this is the last school center to join this project boosted by the Educational Center in Road Safety and its section of elimination of traffic in the surrounding areas of schools on entrance and exit schedules of students.

Accompanied by the councellor of Education and president of Junta del Distrito Department, Carlos Ruiz Cosano; the school principal, Carmen Lázaro and the president of the Neighbourhood Association of Parque Nueva Granada, José Antonio Medina Cano, the responsible of Mobility has assured that Granada has to keep working for the creation of clean, safe and pollution free areas, specially school areas. We are working with the adults of tomorrow and i think it is important to arise conciousness on them and encourage sustainable mobility.

He also reminded that this project of safe school areas is marked in the strategy Granada Green boosted by the City Council with several actions, César Díaz has explained that with the initiative wants the school community to be the the protagonist in entrance and exit schedules of schools. We want to create safe school areas, has explained. Specifically this center will restric traffic for half and hour during entrance and exit schedules, so students can move around safely, and also this areas get free of cars and air pollution.

Safe school area Parque Nueva Granada

To do so there has been implemented both painted and signals of safe school area reserved for the school community. There also will be 30 km speed limit signal painted on the road and after that 20 km speed limit signal and , in this school in particular, painted signals restricts parking in the surrounding of school, has explained. Our objective is to ease traffic in the surroundings of schools and, wherever its possible, eliminate traffic to give absolute preference to pedestrians, schoolchilds and their families.

This project, with an investment of 100.000 euros for all school centers involved, has been also considered absolutely essential for the councellor of Health, Education and Youth, Carlos Ruiz Cosano. The councellor has remarked that the first leading cause of death amoung children are accidents and most of them traffic accidents, so this initiative is not only an educational objective but a preventive objective for the health of our children.

Safe school areas Santa Micaela

Guidelines currently implemented by the City Council in a hundred of school centers in the capital are, apart from traffic reduction, elimination of parking places, repaint or creation of new pedestrian crossings, new road signals and painted signals on the road, installation of pedestrian fences, sidewalks widening and installation of parking lots for bikes among others.

Beside School Parque Nueva Granada, educational center that join this initiative for the elimination of traffic on entrance and exit schedule of students are San Juan de Dios, Santa María Micaela, La Asunción, La Consolación, Padre Manjón, Fuentenueva and Virgen de Fátima.

Safe school area Cerrillo Safe school area Cerrillo



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