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Counting bikes campaigns


Bicycle gauging plans are made periodically on the main roads of the city.

Bike counts 2017


There have been made bicycle seating capacities in 19 representative point of the city of Granada, in the center and and districts. Seating capacities have been made manually for 10 minutes in different hours of the day.

These seating capacities difference bicycle from other motorised vehicled. Also, there have counted bicycles circulating on the road and on sidewalks.


The average of use of bicycle in Granada is of 4.59%.

Those points where bicycle percents are more significant are Reyes Católicos (with an average of 13.67%), Elvira (with a 12.5%) and Gran Vía (with a 9.6%).

In those streets have obtained maximum punctual values of 19.05% in Reyes Católicos, 20% in Elvira and 12.93% in Gran Vía.

Gran Vía
- There is an average intensity of 112 bicycles per hour in Gran Vía, that could reach to a maximum of 180 b/h on peak hours.
- The average percentage of use of bicycles with respect to other vehicles circulating in Gran Vía is 9.6%.

Camino de Ronda
- There is an average intensity of 73.8 bicycles per hours in Camino de Ronda.
- The average percentage of use of bicycles with respect to other vehicles circulating in Camino de Ronda is 5.37% that could be a 7.65% in some of its sections.

The average percentage of bicycles circulating on the road is 64.24% and the percentage using sidewalks is 35.76%. Logically, typology of streets takes part in this percentage, higher levels are found in Pagés or Elvira, reaching to a 100% practically. In Reyes Católicos reaches to 91.74% and in Gran Vía to 82.98%.

plan aforos bici 2017

Bike counts 2018

In development.


There have been counting during all day motorised vehicles circulating through the road (tourisms, buses, mopeds, motorbikes, etc), distinguishing sense of circulation, and bicycles.

Concerning to bicycles, there has been considered sense of circulation of the road, if it was circulating trhough the road or the sidewalk, and in case of using the road, if it was using the center or right side of the road. It also have been distinguised if bicycle is private or bike sharing, and if the person using it has sport reasons or not.


First seating capacity point used with previous methodology was Gran Vía de Colón at the high of number 34, this is, between Tinajillas and Profesor Emilio Orozco streets.


The IMD obtained were 13703 for motorised vehicles and for 1135 bicycles, which means that bicycles are a 7.64% of traffic in this point, even overcoming the 11% at 14:00, 15:00 and 18:45.

Hereafter we show the IMH of motorised vehicles against bicycles:

And the percentage of use of the road in respect to the sidewalk for bicycles as well:

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