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Accident studies

Traffic accident with bike implicated studies

Accident studies

In the CGIM, several accident studies are carried out each year. In addition to the Annual Traffic Accident Report, which is governed by the Road Safety Plan indicators, accident studies are conducted focusing on different groups or use of vehicles (pedestrians, elderly, motorcyclists, cyclists, etc.) for the realization of the different days that take place during the course.

Evolution of cyclist accident rate in the city of Granada

According to data collected by the reports of Local Police of Granada, these are cyclist victims involved in traffic accidents in the municipality of Granada:

As it can be seen, there is an increasement of bicycle displacements through urban streets in Granada, however, accident rate is slightly decreasing.

The last study about cyclist accident rate was made in January 2018, emphasizing the strip between January 2015 to December 2017, both included. In these 36 moths have been involved in traffic accidents 198 bicycles. This study take account of the type of accident, location of it (in relation to cyclist infrastructure, if there is any existing in the street), focusing in causes and determinants of accident to improve those points where have been located and road safety from the point of view of cyclist.


The following chart shows harmfulness of bicycle victims involved in traffic accidents in Granada.

2015 2016 2017 Cyclist
69 65 64 Bikes involved
57 48 52 Minor injured
4 6 2 Severe injured
0 0 0 Deceased

Fortunately, there is no deceased person involved in any bicyle accident.

In regards to severe injured, we have 12 severe injured ciclysts and 4 severe injured pedestrians (due to an accident of a bicycle) in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Of 4 pedestrians severe injured, 1 occurred in a cyclist infrastructure.

Of 12 cyclists severe injured, accidents always occur due to the collision with a vehicle, at any case accident happened in a cyclist infrastructure (although in 3 of accidents the road had cyclist infrastructure, but cyclist was not using it). It should be noted that in 4 of the 12 accidents, cyclists were circulating on a pedestrian crossing when crashed with a vehicle.


On the following image we can see the location of accidents of bicycles with victims in Granada 2017:

Accidentes ciclistas 2017 Granada

On the previous map we can see points with only 1 accident with bicycle involved, except on Mesones street, with 2 accidents in an specific point, and in Luis Miranda Davalos and Luis Amador roundabout, where have been located 3 accidents.

If we deeply study the accidents of this last point, we can see that all of them are same typology: bicycle circulates through the roundabout, vehicle gets in the roundabout through Luis Miranda Dávalos not yielding the right of way and crashing with the bicycle.

Hereafter we show a heat map with the distribution of all accidents of bicycles with victims in Granada from 2008:

Cycling infrastructure

Accident rate due to the use of road infrastructure by cyclists:

Road without cyclist infrastructure Road with cyclist infrastructure
Accident out of the cyclist infrastructure Accident in the cyclist infrastructure
145 31 21

There have been making capacity of traffic taking of the use of bicycle ( with the rest of vehicles), in roads of different typology across the city and in respect of the use of cyclists infrastructure, to evaluate hazard levels thanks to the data of accident rate / traffic intensity collected.

In these last 3 years, 16 accidents have occurred in the sidewalk and 17 in pedestrian crossings. Of all accidents registered, 114 are in a crossroad. Of all registered accidents, 114 are in a crossroad, while 83 are located in other sections of the road. As it can be checked out, more dangerous points for bicycles are crossroads, both using bicycle infrastructure and the road.

Accidents types

We study the typology of bicycle accidents if it was a pedestrian run over, a fall or off the road without interact with other vehicule, of if it was a collision with other vehicle, checking thekind of vehicle it crashed with.

Fall Pedestrian run over Collision
Urban bus Truck Moped Van Motorcycle Car Metro light rail
21 19 2 2 8 4 25 118 1

Of all accidents registered, 13 are caused by the opening of a door of a vehicle parked in the street.

Ages of drivers

Considering the age of cyclist, only 14 of 198 bicycles are rided by underaged.

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